An ideal student is the wealth and future of this nation,hope of the family and pride of the school. He enders himself to all by his temperament,qualities of head,heart and knowledge. He respects his teachers and is helpful as well as friendly to his class-fellows. Such good and bright students are the gems of an institution. They are the pillars of a nation. Such students become ideal citizens,politicians,statesmen and leaders.

I think an ideal student always takes an ctive part in acedemic as well as in extra-curricular activities of his college. He is hard-working. He is both attentive and punctual in his studies. He is always in the good books of his teacher. According to me an ideal student is disciplined and obedient. He is not a bookworm but an all rounder. Games and studies go side by side with him. He knows that soundmind lives in a sound body. He always sticks to his right ideals and aims. Simple living and high thinking is the motto of his life.An ideal student is the true patriot. He is prepared to serve his country heart and soul and sacrifice himself for the welfare of his country. It is his deep-rooted wish that his country should occupy the place of pride among the nations of the world.

Since our country is passing through a difficult period of struggle, it is badly in need of ideal students and citizens. The nation can reach the zenith of glory if our students become ideal and participate in the task of national reconstruction. An ideal student is the spark of hope,glory and prosperity of his country. The students of today are the leaders of tommorrow. The future of the country depends upon students only. Every student should, therefore, try to become an ideal student. An ideal student is ideal in his work,conductand thought. I think each student shoiuld be an ideal student.

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  2. yooo its really nice….

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  4. Nice gajab ka likha hai,isse pata calta hai a aj bhi bhut se ideal student is duniya me hai


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