10th class Board Exams are necessary for students.

Class 10th board exams are necessary. It is only a Political Agenda for Politicians. This will deprive all poor good students against any ranking and will allow politicians/ governmental Officers to play with the lives of good poor children. Because now they can not compete in Board.

Board exam will give a little tension only. At least, if X board exam is there, 12th Board exam will be easy for the students, as they have already faced some bord exam. otherwise, first time straight away 12th board children will become very nervous. If X board exam is there, students will study. School level exam means, there will not be a uniform level of measurement. In schools partiality and all will start

the class 10th exams is considered to be a major milestone in the life of student. scrapping the board exam for this would not be feasible since it is considered in India that a person is literate when he has passed out the 10th public exam.but if this public exam is removed ,then a it becomes compulsory for under poverty people to attend the 12 th board..which might be difficult to them . aiso students would be unaware of the public exams to be faced .

Todays scenario is, we see a million competing in AIEEE, what next a bunch of 5 million students, many of ‘em who shudn’t even b there.

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3 Responses to “ 10th class Board Exams are necessary for students. ”

  1. good

  2. ok but i want necessary of having board exams

  3. i truly like your ideas nd i hope dat everyone understand you nd board xams are really important

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