Recently child labour has increased enormously.It is a pity that small children who should have been in schools-playing and studying-are seen working as labourers.One can see them working in unhygienic conditions in roadside dhabas, nickel-plating factories, brick kilns, in fields etc. they work here as a bonded labourers on meagre sums. On condition of anonymity a child labourer told this correspondent that he works from 4am to 11pm daily on Rs. 100 a month in a dhaba.

These children are not given sufficient food and clothing. In winter their ill-clad bodies shiver. They remain dirty and unwashed due to ill-treatment of their masters. The girl children are seen working with their parents in brick kilns or on building roads. They are seen carrying a very heavy load on their heads. It is really very sad that they present a very sorry state of affairsto all those who matter. Yet they do not invite the attention of those who cannot liberatethem from such horrible miserable lives. News printed in the media also fails to shake the hearts of the children organisations.

Something must be done to bring a change in the lives of these unfortunate children. If their present is made trouble-free their future shall, indeed, be bright, progressive and happy.

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