-by Varsha Singla


No time for watching natural beauty- birds, mountains, trees and greenery. Instead the trend of today is watching movies, serials, listening songs, reading comics, playing games etc. The mind, mood and style of today’s youth are absolutely different. The recent survey about how teens spend their free time has brought up very interesting results. It is absolute that there would be a huge difference between the choices of rural and urban children but a clear difference is seen between the thinking of boys and girls in the urban sector. If the girls like spending their maximum time in watching movies, serials and listening songs then boys spend maximum of their time in playing games or watching sports. Like always, girls also like gossiping and collecting pictures of their favorite stars whereas other teen boys love driving. The way of spending time is different as well as interesting. A very less percentage of teens like reading books or studying. During vacations they like to go for adventurous camps or tours with friends. Our today’s youth is full of fashion as well as passion. With changing times our youth is changing and is becoming modern. As no one wants to remain a frog in the well so some sober teens are also pressurized to be fashionable and modern to move with their generation and spend time in various creative and imaginative works which they could do whole year. They are curious to know everything. Anyhow, curiosity makes the person explore new horizons. The same desire led Columbus to discover America, Vasco-da Gama sea route to India. At our forefathers time there was no word like teen and they spent their time in household works but today the things have changed as CHANGE IS THE LAW OF NATURE

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  1. When and wehere was the survey done and do you have the actual results available

  2. When and where was the survey conducted and do you have the actual data results available

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  4. Its extremely good . It had helped me a lot .Actually my sis has eaten up my for the content on this topic . Thankyou so much for this

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