Social Networking Sites- Boon Or Bane!!!

The 21st Century is said to be the Reign of Computers and Internet. Internet is like “Aladdin Ka Chirag” from which we can ask for anything and our demand will be fulfilled, but there is no barrier of only “Three Wishes”. Today, with the ever modernizing world, the Internet is proving to be a very useful tool for those who don’t have time from their work, for those who want to keep pace with the world.

Keeping in touch with the knowns, whether relatives or friends or someone else, seems to be a difficult task to every working person, whether a student, a businessman or some officer, these days! So what’s the solution to the problem? Social networking Sites!

Yes, the Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter…….. etc are a powerful medium to stay in touch with your friends, far away relatives, old teachers and even find your long-lost chaddi-buddies. Isn’t that great!!!

Might be a “Yes” for some and a topic of discussion(and worry) for the others!!?? But what’s the matter of worry? The answer is that such social networking sites are a platform for making friends, joining groups and networks, sharing pictures and videos, posting scraps and messages etc, which might not be a good deal for the kids, pre-teens and teens even. There might be anti-social elements active on such sites and privacy & security are also topics of concern on these sites.

It is upon the user himself/herself that how carefully and judiciously he/she uses this “resource”. Parents   and teachers may also play a vital role in guiding under-18s about such sites.

It is not like that no one should use such sites, but the betterment is in the careful use of these networks!

So, Social Networking Sites are Boon “and” Bane!  LOL!!!

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